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Welcome to the Emerald Sky Factory

Emerald Sky Factory is a vanilla-like skyblock survival server that focuses on the Create mod to build intricate contraptions.

  • Completely free2play, absolutely no pay to win. Players start at their own sky island in survival mode, that's it.
  • No whitelist.
  • The map is open, you can download any chunk anytime via FTP and upload blueprints for automatic construction.
  • No item drops on death.
  • The quest system allows automatic collection from your factories. You don't have to grind in the later game so you can focus on building.
  • Enjoy a fully graphical interface for land claiming and team settings(FTB).
  • Exceptionally reliable server 24/7 online.

How to join the server?

  • We recommend to use theCurseForge, just download this Modpack and you are good to go.
  • Alternatively you could prepare your client by hand:
    1. Download the Forge installer from here and install it, there should be a new installation shows up in your official Minecraft launcher.
    2. Download all the files from here, and copy them to your .minecraft folder, then start the game.

Server address →
The server is hosted in the USA, we provide a very effective and free proxy if you have a high latency to the server:

Join our growing Discord community


Some useful commands

Teleport to the spawn:
/skyblock spawn

Teleport back to your sky island:
/skyblock home

Visit other sky islands:
/skyblock visit <island name>

Enable (or disable) visitor teleportation:
/skyblock team allowVisit <true/false>

Rename your sky island:
/skyblock team rename <new name>

Request tp to a friend's location:
/tpa <player name>

Teleport back to your previous location:

Request to teleport a friend to your location:
/tpahere <player name>

Hide/Show on Dynmap:
/dynmap <show/hide>

To change your spawn:

  1. Firstly add your current XYZ to the spawn list: /skyblock team spawns add
  2. Then remove all the other spawns from the list: /skyblock team spawns remove <X Y Z>
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